Assembling a tiered cake

Hello, everyone! Let’s talk about assembling tiered cakes! These cakes will always be in favor!
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It’s not always possible to assemble such a cake at the place of the celebration; sometimes there are no conditions or permission to do this! So you have to carry it already assembled! Your hands sweat and shake from fear, and pulse is in your temples. Right?

Well, we can't save you from worries, but we can calm you down a little.

We would like to tell you a few rules for assembling such cakes. It will be extremely useful!

  • In a multi-tiered cake, all the fillings should be stable; it’s not advisable to soak the biscuits too much and to use large delicate mousse layers in the fillings!
  • If the fillings are different, then place the most stable and heavy ones down to the first tier. And then, build the tiers, depending on the tenderness of the filling.
  • Each tier should stand on its own substrate, but it shouldn’t be visible.
  • The sticks (tubes) should be stuck into the cake under each substrate, to support the upper tier.
  • There must be a central pin (dowel) in a cake, containing more than 3 tiers (if the transportation is long, then even 2 tiers). The pin should pass through all the tiers. The holes are pre-drilled in the substrates.
  • After you assemble and install the tiers, the cake should be placed in the fridge for at least 5 to 6 hours for cooling and further transportation.