Cake assembling

Hello, everyone! We would like to share some helpful information on cake assembling. The correct assembling is like a half of the success! Let's figure out how to assemble the cake correctly in order not to cry over the shapeless "barrel" when covered with the crème or the sugar paste.
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Well, here are the tips:

  1. You better assemble the cake in a mold! Cover it with acetate tape from the inside! When you remove the mold, the cake will already be almost perfect, which means you will spend much less time and effort on covering it with the crème! The acetate tape gives the sides of the cake a perfect smooth shape, and also helps to increase the height of the cake.
  2. Assemble the cake with rather thin biscuit layers, and with the even custard layers (the biscuit and the custard layers should be of approximately the same height). It is important for the cake stabilization and its further transportation.
  3. Place the cake under the pressure for at least 4 hours for the creamy fillings and at least 6 hours for the mousse components. If there is no more than one mousse layer in the cake, or if the cake is completely made of mousse, then it doesn’t require the pressure.
  4. After stabilization in the fridge, remove the mold carefully; also separate the acetate tape from the cake with a warm knife!

Now you can start smoothing the cake with your favorite finishing custard!

Here are some notes about the leveling custard: the layer should be sufficient enough to level the cake completely and to level the even sides and the top. For the long-term transportation or for the tiered cakes, you better choose the butter-based custard, so your product will keep its shape longer!

If you prefer the sugar paste for covering the cake, then there is nothing better than the dark chocolate butter ganache to use as a base. It is especially important for the wedding cakes, since you have no idea whether there will be a fridge in a wedding banquet location.

If you follow these tips, then your cakes will reach the celebration perfectly.