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Chocolate chiffon sponge biscuit
1 cup
250 g
8.75 oz
8.25 fl oz
1 cup
280 g
9.80 oz
9.24 fl oz
0.25 cup
3.25 tbsp
50 g
1.75 oz
1.65 fl oz
baking soda
0.25 tbsp
4 g
0.14 oz
0.13 fl oz
baking powder
0.50 tbsp
6 g
0.21 oz
0.20 fl oz
1 cup
240 g
8.40 oz
7.92 fl oz
1.25 cup
300 g
10.50 oz
9.90 fl oz
flavorless vegetable oil
0.25 cup
4.75 tbsp
70 g
2.45 oz
2.31 fl oz


This is a great alternative for the cupcakes, isn’t it? For those who love unusual solutions, we have a detailed recipe from Julia. Let’s create the beauty!

The calculation in the recipe is for 2 molds of 16 cm (6.3 inch).

All the ingredients should be at room temperature.


  1. Mix the dry ingredients well. Whip the eggs with salt until foam appears, then gradually add the sugar. Whip until the foam volume increases(about 7 minutes). Pour in the vegetable oil and whip at a minimum speed. Add the warm milk and whip again. Then sift the dry ingredients in 2 to 3 steps, also whisking at a low speed. Check the foam with a spatula (there should be no unmixed particles).
  2. Pour the dough into the molds and send it to the oven preheated to 150C (302F).
  3. Check the readiness with a skewer. 
  4. Cool the sponge biscuit in the molds for about 15 minutes. Then take them out. You better wrap the sponge biscuits with the cling film and let them spend some time in the fridge (2 to 3 hours).