apple puree
0.50 cup
140 g
4.90 oz
4.62 fl oz
feijoa puree
0.50 cup
140 g
4.90 oz
4.62 fl oz
sugar #1
1.50 cup
350 g
12.25 oz
11.55 fl oz
sugar #2
0.75 cup
180 g
6.30 oz
5.94 fl oz
pasteurized whites
0.25 cup
3.25 tbsp
50 g
1.75 oz
1.65 fl oz
0.25 tbsp
2 g
0.07 oz
0.07 fl oz
0.75 cup
160 g
5.60 oz
5.28 fl oz
0.50 tbsp
9 g
0.32 oz
0.30 fl oz


Let’s give the floor to Irene: “The most fragrant marshmallows are the feijoa ones. They are healthy, tasty and very flavorous. Do not pass by these wonderful berries when in the market, because the iodine reserves in them beat all records!”


You will need: 

  • 140 g apple puree | 4.95 oz
  • 140 g feijoa puree | 4.95 oz
  • 350 g sugar #1 | 12.35 oz
  • 180 g sugar #2 | 6.35 oz
  • pasteurized whites 50 g | 1.75 oz
  • salt 2g | 0.05 oz
  • 160 g fresh orange | 5.65 oz
  • 9 g agar | 0.30 oz

Cooking instructions

  1. Pour the juice and the agar into a saucepan with a thick bottom. Place the syrup on the heat and stir the syrup constantly with a silicone spatula. Once the agar has swollen, add the sugar #1.
  2. Mix both purees with the whites, salt and the sugar #2 in a mixer bowl. (To make the purees, bake the fruits and mush them with a blender, then rub through a sieve, if necessary, and fold onto a sieve for the excess liquid to drain).
  3. Wait till the syrup reaches a temperature of 110C (230F). As soon as the syrup stops boiling, pour it into a whipping mixture of purees and whites. Use a silicone spatula; don’t leave the syrup on the bottom of the saucepan. Take your time, add the syrup gradually. It is important to add the syrup at a medium speed!
  4. The mass should double the volume and keep the shape well. It means, the marshmallow is ready! Form the marshmallows on a silicone mat with any nozzle you like. After 4 to 5 hours, unite the halves and sprinkle them with the powdered sugar. 

Bon Appetit!