Homemade vanilla extract

Enjoy this useful recipe for fragrant vanilla extract!
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Homemade vanilla extract


Vanilla extract
vanilla beans
hard liquor (vodka)
2.97fl oz


It’s actually quite simple! The hard part is to wait for the extract to infuse.


  1. Split the vanilla beans using a knife; then scrape the seeds out of them, and place them into a glass jar that you’ve prepared beforehand. Pour in the alcoholic drink to your taste, and then seal the jar with the lid, and give it a shake
  2. Transfer the jar to a dark cool place (not the fridge!), and leave the extract to infuse for at least 3 weeks. The longer you infuse it, the more intense the aroma will be.
  • What do you do with the empty vanilla beans? Well, I personally like to use mine to make some vanilla sugar by just placing the beans into the sugar jar.
  • As for the alcohol, you can add any drink to your taste - as long as it’s high quality! However, it’s still quite important to remember that each drink has its specific flavor, and the extract is also going to inherit it, too. For the first time I would recommend using vodka for the classic version of this extract.
  • How to use vanilla extract? The same way you use coffee extract - by adding the tiniest drops (this should be enough, but only if you make sure that your extract has infused long enough beforehand).