How to work with gumpaste

Hello, everyone! Do you want to know a secret? Experienced pastry chefs know it for sure, but it will definitely be useful for the beginners. Does everyone know that the sugar paste is afraid of water? God save it from the excess condensate! Let us tell you: it's a myth!!! Not all the sugar paste types have such problems.
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There are several sugar paste types. They can be used for different purposes and effects.

Some type are better for covering: you will just need to drop some water on the joints, then take a hard stick, and knead the edge of the joint with it. Then, mix the paste with some water (the one that was dripped), and use this mixture like a putty, with a thick brush. If you cover the paste with paint (after drying in the fridge), then you will be the only one who will find this place. 

We get many questions about the “wet” effect on some sugar paste décor elements. There are absolutely no secrets. The thing is that you have to choose the sugar paste with such features. Even when you coat it with paint, the surface remains shiny and wet.

Our cooking experience has revealed many secrets: the sugar paste isn’t simple, but it’s wonderful! You want to learn it, overcome and sometimes even fight with it. It’s like a living organism: it treats you the way you treat it! If you love it, then it will reciprocate. If you learn it, then working with it will become such a pleasure.

Don’t turn away from it, don’t be afraid! Learn to work with it, and trust me - it is worth it!