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Marshmallow base
0.50 cup
100 g
3.50 oz
3.30 fl oz
lime puree
2 tbsp
30 g
1.05 oz
0.99 fl oz
egg whites
0.25 cup
2.75 tbsp
40 g
1.40 oz
1.32 fl oz
0.50 cup
100 g
3.50 oz
3.30 fl oz
lime zest
0.50 tsp
2.46 ml
0.50 cup
110 g
3.85 oz
3.63 fl oz
agar (-900-)
0.50 tbsp
7 g
0.24 oz
0.23 fl oz
0.75 cup
175 g
6.12 oz
5.78 fl oz
finely ground coconut flakes
1 tbsp
15 g
0.52 oz
0.50 fl oz



Cooking instructions

  1. Gently grind the coconut flakes with a coffee grinder to fine and soft crumbs. But don't let it get the paste consistency. It should remain crumbly!
  2. Place the puree in a mixer bowl, and add the sugar and the zest; start whisking, adding the egg whites in two passes. If you replace the egg whites with albumin (6 g | 0.20 oz), then mix it with warm puree, and let it stay for some time; then add the
  3. Meanwhile, heat the syrup over a medium heat to 110C (230F). Add the food coloring if you wish.
  4. Gently pour the syrup into the well-whipped mass at a medium speed. Mix for no more than a minute. Add the coconut flakes to the mixer bowl, and combine the components gently with a spatula. Or you can sprinkle the coconut flakes in layers when placing the marshmallow mass in a pastry bag.
  5. Form the marshmallows on the parchment, and let them stabilize for 24 hours. Connect the halves, and sprinkle them with the powdered sugar (you can also add some coconut flakes). Store the marshmallows in an airtight container for 5 to 7 days.

When you start whipping, the mass may seem thinner than usual; that’s ok, it will gradually thicken and be whipped well. Be sure to wait for good persistent peaks for the mass to wrap around the whisk.

You better don’t use coconut paste, flour or urbech in this recipe (if you just have no experience of adding these products to marshmallows).

As the marshmallow dries, the top is slightly stickier than usual, and that’s fine for citrus fruits.

If you use the egg whites, then the applesauce should be very thick.

Bon Appetit!