Mango flowers

Delicious flowers for decorating your desserts.
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Mango flowers


Mango flowers
mango puree
egg whites


Take a seat, my friend. Now you will hear a recipe for making sweet flowers. My idea, my experiment, which turned out so well.

You can use other fruits and berries too. Cranberry, kiwi, pumpkin or even liquid carrot puree. Anything you want.

Of course, if needed, you can add a food dye or flavor. I don't have any. The color of my flowers is beautiful and I didn't change it.


  • Mix everything thoroughly with a whisk or a hand mixer.
  • Pour the mass into an iron bowl and put in a water bath. Stir constantly and vigorously with a whisk, cook until thickens. Do not stop stirring, otherwise you will end up with scrambled eggs!
  • The next step is to spread the mass on a silicone or non-stick mat (do not use a baking paper!) with a thin layer of 1-3mm.
  • Then put it in the oven to dry on convection at 70C (160F) for 1-2 hours, then reduce to 30C (90F) and bake until cooked. It will take about 4 hours to dry. The thinner the layer is, the more elegant and realistic the petals will be, and the faster the mass will dry out too.
  • Remove the dried layer from the mat, cut out the petals and make flowers.
  • The petals are glued together without any glue or other devices. Or you can use some water and a little brush to wet the gluing place. Be sure to use just a drop of water because you can easily turn the petal into muddy mass.
  • If you have dried out the layer, then lightly splash it with some water from a spray bottle or with a brush.
  • The ingredients in the recipe are enough for 3 layers (30x40), it is about 10 large flowers as in my photo.
  • You better make flowers right away while the layer is still flexible. But if you fully cover a completely cooled layer or cut petals with a cling film, you can make flowers in a couple of days.
  • If the flowers are needed for a bouquet, then you better make them on a skewer right away or put the ready-made flowers while they are still soft.
  • The flowers will dry out in a day and become fragile.