Meringue custard
egg whites
0.25 cup
4.25 tbsp
65 g
2.28 oz
2.14 fl oz
0.50 cup
135 g
4.72 oz
4.46 fl oz
0.50 tbsp
7 g
0.24 oz
0.23 fl oz
0.25 cup
2.75 tbsp
40 g
1.40 oz
1.32 fl oz
lemon acid
0.50 tsp
1.97 ml
flavoring or vanillin
to taste


Just look at this beauty! These balls will be the perfect decoration for your New Year's candy bar. Delicious and soft snowballs are made of meringue custard. Enjoy!


You will need:

  • 65 g egg whites | 2.30 oz
  • 135 g sugar | 4.75 oz
  • 7 g agar | 0.25 oz
  • 40 g water | 1.40 oz
  • 0.4 tsp lemon acid | 1.00 tsp
  • flavoring or vanillin | 0.00 to taste

Custard making

Degrease the kitchen tools.

Pour out all the egg whites, and whip them for 6 minutes. If the mixer is powerful, then whip the egg whites at the medium speed, and if it’s of a low power, then use the high speed.

Pour the lemon acid into the egg whites.

Place the syrup to boil.

Add all the sugar, water, agar, vanillin or flavoring to the saucepan.

Boil the syrup up to 110C (230F).

Next, pour the finished syrup into the whipped egg whites in a stream, and whip the custard until it start gathering in a ball on a whisk, and form the voids in the bowl.

The custard is done. Place it in a pastry bag with a round nozzle.

Balls forming

Now let’s move to the most interesting part:

Take the cake-pops molds (or hemispheres, hearts, etc.).

Grease the inside a bit with some flavorless vegetable oil, using a brush. Sprinkle it with the corn starch.

If you use the whole balls molds, then fill them with the custard through the hole. The custard forms a ball shape immediately, and it can be handled right after depositing. Let the balls stabilize for an hour, and you can decorate the cakes with them.

Isn’t it great?