Perfect chocolate velours

Today we would like to share best practices in working with chocolate velours.
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The Chocolate Velours is the cake coating type, which is a mixture of chocolate and cocoa butter. Initially, frozen mousse cakes were covered with velours; and now it is also used for covering the cream cakes, different chocolate figures and other decor elements.

How is this coating applied?

First, the chocolate is mixed with the cocoa butter, and sprayed onto the cooled confection surface using a spray gun or an airbrush. The chocolate drops instantly freeze and form a velvety coating. The smaller the drops are - the more beautiful the final coating will be.

Many confectioners faced the problem of cracks in the velours.

Here are some tips to avoid cracks:

  1. Add some flavorless vegetable oil to the velours in an amount of 10% of the chocolate mass.
  2. Reduce the amount of the cocoa butter in the recipe. The best proportion is 3:1, (150 g | 5.30 oz of chocolate, 50 g | 1.75 oz of cocoa butter + 15 g | 0.55 oz of vegetable oil. These proportions will make the velours more plastic, and its fragility will decrease.
  3. The final advice is to use a solid backing (like a birch plywood) and the right mousse consistency.

NOTE: the last point will be useless, until you add the first two points.

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