Sponge biscuit
1 cup
270 g
9.45 oz
8.91 fl oz
1.25 cup
300 g
10.50 oz
9.90 fl oz
0.50 tbsp
7 g
0.24 oz
0.23 fl oz
baking soda
1 tsp
4.92 ml
baking powder
2 Tbs
3 pc
vegetable oil
0.75 cup
180 g
6.30 oz
5.94 fl oz
1.50 cup
370 g
12.95 oz
12.21 fl oz
red dye
to taste
cream cheese
2.50 cup
600 g
21 oz
19.80 fl oz
heavy cream 33%
0.50 cup
120 g
4.20 oz
3.96 fl oz
powdered sugar
0.75 cup
170 g
5.95 oz
5.61 fl oz
Cherry filling
1.25 cup
300 g
10.50 oz
9.90 fl oz
0.25 cup
4 tbsp
60 g
2.10 oz
1.98 fl oz
0.75 cup
180 g
6.30 oz
5.94 fl oz
1.50 Tbs


The calculation in the recipe is for a cake with a diameter of 6.30-7.00 inch.

Sponge biscuit

  • In a bowl, first mix all the dry ingredients, stir with a whisk, then add all the liquid ingredients and whisk until smooth (you can of course use a mixer, I just love making this biscuit by hand).
  • You better bake it in three molds, or in two. But not with one cake. The dough is rather fat, it will bake unevenly and in some places it will be brown because it will dry out. Therefore, bake separately at 356F. Until a dry toothpick.


  • Combine all the ingredients in a bowl, mix with a mixer until smooth at low speed.
  • Then increase the speed, the cream will become lush and matte. It takes 5 minutes to prepare the cream.

Cherry filling

  • Place the cherries and water in a saucepan. Because frozen cherries, it will give juice, so do not get carried away with water.
  • As soon as the cherry melts, boils, add sugar, melt, boil.
  • Pour the starch into a small bowl. Pour about 50-70g of juice from a saucepan into starch, mix until smooth and pour over the cherry, stirring constantly. It will immediately begin to thicken. Boil for another minute.
  • Remove from heat and cool.


Assemble the cake following such an order: cake layer, cream all over the cake, cream with a rim for cherries, cherries, cake layer, etc.