Marshmallow base
0.50 cup
100 g
3.50 oz
3.30 fl oz
0.50 cup
100 g
3.50 oz
3.30 fl oz
egg whites
2 tbsp
30 g
1.05 oz
0.99 fl oz
red wine for your taste
0.50 cup
120 ml
3.96 fl oz
0.50 tbsp
6 g
0.21 oz
0.20 fl oz
0.75 cup
200 g
7 oz
6.60 fl oz



Ingredients for the base:

  • Apple puree (applesauce) - 100 g | 3.55 oz
  • Sugar - 100 g | 3.55 oz
  • Egg whites - 30 g | 1.05 oz

Ingredients for the syrup:

  • Red wine to your taste - 120 ml | 4.10 fl oz
  • Agar - 6 g | 0.20 oz
  • Sugar - 200 g | 7.05 oz


  1. Prepare the pastry bag and the surface for the marshmallows (parchment, foil, cling film, silicone mat).
  2. Stir the applesauce with sugar, and heat them until the sugar dissolves. Then cool it.
  3. Place the cooked applesauce with sugar and the egg whites to the mixer bowl. Whip everything at a low speed, then increase the speed and keep whipping until fluffy peaks.
  4. Pour the wine with the sugar and agar in a heavy-bottomed saucepan. Put it on the heat and cook the agar syrup to 110C (230F). It will take approximately 4.5 to 6 minutes from the moment of boiling. Remove the syrup from the heat, and wait until the syrup stops boiling.
  5. Turn on the mixer at low speed, and gently add the syrup into the whipped mass in a thin stream.
  6. After adding the syrup, increase the speed to maximum and whip for another minute.
  7. The red wine marshmallows have a barely noticeable shade, but you can add a food coloring at your discretion.
  8. Place the mass into a pastry bag, and form the marshmallows.
  9. They need 10-14 hours to stabilize. Next, unite the halves, and roll them in the powdered sugar. Add some cinnamon to the powder for an even richer flavor.

The marshmallows are ready!

Bon Appetit!