Wafer leaves

Get ready for decorating autumn cakes!
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Wafer leaves


Wafer leaves
wafer paper
water-soluble food dye
food glycerin


I think this is the most autumn decoration. After all, we usually associate autumn with leaves!!! A lot of bright colorful leaves everywhere you go and you shuffle them along the pavement.

By the way, You can make A LOT OF leaves and because they are stored without any problems. And you can use them any time you need! ThI think it is super convenient!!!

Take a thin 0.28 waffle paper, prepare a coloring solution. In this case, the "mobility of the petals" is not important, we just have to be careful not to break them. Vodka + water-soluble food dye + a drop of food glycerin (compensates for the fragility of the paper) I have these bottles of about 30ml (1.00 fl oz).

Draw the outlines of the leaves, fold the paper with the GLOSSY side inward and cut out the required number of leaves. Be sure to cut inside the contour, otherwise it will be visible... Involve your children in the process!!! Then you will do faster.

Then work with gloves, since green nails do not adorn even the most cleanest hands!!!

Paint the leaves and fasten the wire, glue the halves of the leaf. Try not to over-moisten the leaf so that there is no excessive twisting when drying! Do not worry about the color! You can paint afterwards.

Gather the leaves and dry lying down. You can use your hairdryer to speed up the drying process. When the leaf is dry enough, you can tint with a light spray of the coloring solution. Try not to overdo it!!!