In summer the gingerbread cookies are so soft, that when you take them in your hands, they sag, and the dried icing cracks! The ability of products to absorb and to retain the moisture from the environment is called “hygroscopicity”.

The hygroscopicity of the food products depends on their structure and composition, as well as on the temperature and humidity of the environment. We know that powdered food products (milk powder, coffee, tea, dried fruits and vegetables) are highly hygroscopic. The hygroscopicity of the product increases significantly, if the substances are capable of actively absorbing water vapor from the surrounding atmosphere. One of such substances is fructose, which makes honey hygroscopic. The honey cakes are the softest, because of their high humidity.

The caramel also absorbs the moisture well. Due to that, the roes can also be very soft, or even loose. Well, our product is very dependent on the relative humidity and the air temperature.

If the cookies are stored unpackaged at high relative humidity, they will absorb moisture. If the humidity is low, then the moisture will be lost.

Therefore, store the gingerbread cookies before and after painting in a sealed package.