Steam Locomotive Cake

Contents 02h 05min
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Whats inside

❤️ Red Velvet

Get the recipe for a really RED cake with super delicious cream and moist porous texture.

📏 Cylinder cake

Watch the technique of making a perfectly even and smooth cylinder cake quickly and easily.

🌡️ Tempered chocolate

First, the chef will share a simple way to temper chocolate. Then you'll be able to create different shapes and elements using tempered chocolate.

🎨 Velor

Get the recipe for beautiful chocolate velor. Cover the cake with it. Learn the method of painting it properly.

❄️ Different textures

Work with several materials to create the perfect result: isomalt, chocolate, marshmallow. Use all of them to get super realistic textures of snow, ice and mountain relief.

What's in the class

1Cake assembly

First, get the recipe for a Red Velvet cake. Here the tutor will share her life hack on how to make a beautiful red that doesn't lose color after baking. Form the shape of the cake under the slope and the mountain, and give relief in a simple but effective way. You will also learn the recipe for velor, and see how to dye it and apply it to the cake. Christina will show you how to make a flexible sugar sheet and edible now marshmallow.

2Power transmission poles, rails, sleepers, props

In the second part of the lesson, you will learn how to make chocolate decor details without special molds and fixtures. See how to calculate sizes based on the proportions of your cake. The teacher will show the process of creating an isomalt ring, assembling the rails and sleepers, as well as installing and fastening all the parts.

3Steam locomotive

You will find the most detailed analysis of building a train from several parts without molds. Based on the exact dimensions from the video, you can fit them to a smaller or larger figure. Christina will also show you the process of coloring the entire composition, and tell you what she uses for this.

4Making of Sundae cream

To make sure you get the perfect cream, you can consider all the stages of its making in a separate part of the video tutorial. Compare the consistency with what you get and don't worry, it will taste just magical.


  • Red Velvet cake recipe. Find out how to make a beautiful red that will not lose color after baking.
  • The recipe for the chef's best Sundae cream.
  • Life hack for quick and easy assembly of a cylinder cake.
  • Life hack for using cake cuts as an interlayer.
  • How to form the shape of the cake under the slope and the mountain, and give relief in a simple but effective way.
  • How to make colored cocoa butter at home.
  • Perfect chocolate velor recipe.
  • How to paint the velor properly.
  • How to velor a chilled (rather than a frozen) cake.
  • Draw the texture of the relief.
  • Make a sugar sheet.
  • Watch how to make edible realistic snow.
  • Get the snow marshmallow recipe.
  • Use a template to make a power pole, rails, props, brushwood, a steam locomotive out of chocolate.
  • Find out the easiest way to temper chocolate.
  • Work with isomalt. Make a ring for hanging rails over the abyss.
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