Beautiful Carriage cake

Contents 55min
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Whats inside

🏠 Homemade substrate

Watch how to make a substrate with your own hands.

🌡️ Simple way to temper the chocolate

Lern to temper the chocolate. You don't need any special skills to do it.

😋 Working with chocolate velor

Watch how to work with chocolate velor.

🎱 Creating a perfect cake ball

Find out an easy and quick way to assemble the cake sphere.

🧰 Fixing chocolate decor elements

Learn how to make the gumpaste and chocolate decor for a carriage, and how to fix it all properly.

What's in the class

1Making a substrate for the cake

How to make a substrate with your own hands, and what dimensions you need for the materials.

2Sundae cream making

Get the recipe for a cream, perfect for leveling the cake.

3Making of strawberry confit and chocolate base

Christina will share the recipes and instructions for creating the base and the filling.

4Making of a sponge biscuit

Learn to cook a very fluffy sponge biscuit.

5Making of raspberry and cream mousse

You will need two types of mousse for the Flamingo cake, and in this part you will learn how to make them.

6Sphere assembly, alignment, velor coating

You will learn how to stabilize an even spherical cake, and how to make the velor for it.

7Fastening chocolate and gumpaste decor to the cake

You'll learn how to make the decor from gumpaste and chocolate, with molds and without them.

8Making of chocolate wheels and seats

The pastry chef will share the secrets of creating fragile decor without molds and special tools.

9Assembling the carriage

You'll complete the work on the cake, collecting all the parts into a single whole, and applying the final touches.

Luxurious snow-white carriage with gold monograms, carved wheels and flying curtains on the door. The awesome sphere cake takes some skill to create.

How to assemble, cover and align the cake ball properly? What to make the decor of so that it doesn't crack under the pressure of its own weight? What construction and fastening is required for the cake to keep the shape when assembled?

In a new masterclass, Christina Dolnyk is ready to teach you how to cook a dessert in the shape of a carriage filled with Flamingo mousse cake.

Sundae cream, chiffon biscuit, raspberry and creamy mousses, strawberry confit... You will also know the recipe for this delicacy! After this lesson, you will be able to cook a cake with an even sphere without cut off butts and false inserts.

No secrets and no useless information! Christina tells and shows each stage in detail and clearly, and in the process she shares the ways to correct the errors that may arise. You will see how to make the wheels and seats for the carriage by hand without molds, and how to attach the chocolate decor to the carriage.


  • how to make a substrate with your own hands;
  • how to cook a delicate Flamingo mousse cake;
  • a simple way to temper chocolate;
  • how to make the gumpaste and chocolate decor for a carriage;
  • an easy and quick way to assemble the cake sphere;
  • how to work with chocolate velor.

You don't need any special skills to make this wonderful cake. The whole process takes place right before your eyes, and Christina leaves nothing behind the scenes. What consistency the cream should have, what to do if the parts did not have time to grab, what to use for coloring the decor - you will learn everything while watching!

Still in doubt? Christina is ready to convince you, and show that everyone can make such a cake! You just need free time, a little patience and this video tutorial!

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