Books cake

Contents 56min
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Whats inside

✨ Harry Potter's wand

As a bonus to this lesson, you get a video on how to make a gorgeous chocolate Harry Potter's wand without molds!

✔️ Fixing the wafer paper decor

Learn the simple and useful technique for working with the wafer paper.

📕 Curved book binding

Watch the process of making the most realistic book binding.

3️⃣ Three-dimensional pictures without special molds

Learn how to create a three-dimensional picture on the cover without molds.

🎨 Painting the chocolate with cocoa butter

Color the chocolate with cocoa butter properly.

What's in the class

1Determining the size of the cake

Calculate the required dimensions for the cover and binding based on the main cake.

2Cover and binding creation

The teacher will tell you what details needed for the cake, and in what order you should make them better.

3Cover painting

You will find out how to decorate the cover, and look at one of the interesting painting options.

4Making of pages

Learn how to attach the pages to to cake, and what you need to do to make them look realistic.

5Assembling the lower tier

Watch how to make a bottom tier Book cake (or if you plan on making a cake from one book).

6Fastening the upper tier

The tutor shares some secret to prevent the cake from squeezing under the weight of the second tier.

7Bonus: making a Harry Potter's wand

A childhood dream can come true. Shape and decorate a wand without molds.

Making a "Books" cake is always a challenge. How realistic and colorful the “paper” copy will look? How will the pages and the cover be designed? How to decorate a boring binding? How to give the binding a rounded, broken shape? We've got the answers just for you!

Christina Dolnyk knows exactly how to create a "Books" cake in the best way. The frayed pages and thick chocolate cover, a couple of volumes of magic books are absolutely eye-catching!

You will learn how to make a two-tiered cake, assemble and strengthen several books properly, and paint the cover and the pages over.

Christina shows the assembly process for each book in detail, and tells you how to make the paper pages that you just want to touch!


  • calculate the size of the cover and the whole cake;
  • create a three-dimensional picture on the cover without molds;
  • make a curved book binding;
  • dye chocolate with cocoa butter;
  • pin the pages to hold.

As a bonus to this lesson, you get a video on how to make a gorgeous chocolate Harry Potter's wand without molds! A super realistic wand that many children and adults still dream of. You don't need any special tools or skills - after this video you only need a little patience and time to create magic in your kitchen.

The masterclass will help you get started creating a new cake today. Video instructions, comments and advice from the pastry chef! You have nothing to worry about, because the main thing is to start, and this lesson will definitely inspire you!

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