Bounty cake

Contents 20min
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Whats inside

🥥 Chocolate & coconut caramel

Learn how to cook delicate chocolate & coconut caramel.

🍫 Milk chocolate ganache

Get the milk chocolate ganache recipe.

🥇 Perfect leveling

See what tools you need to align the cake perfectly.

🍰 Fluffy and moist sponge biscuit

Learn the secret of a moist and fluffy biscuit.

🍽️ Correct tools preparation

Watch the technique of preparing the rings for baking.

What's in the class

1Making of a sponge biscuit

You will learn what the secret of making a fluffy biscuit is, and how to prepare the baking dish properly.

2Cooking of chocolate caramel

Irina will share a recipe for aromatic caramel with chocolate and coconut milk.

3Making of cream cheese

You will learn how to cook the cream cheese with butter. This option is suitable for both alignment and cupcake caps. In this cake, you will make the bumpers for the filling out of it.

4Cooking of chocolate ganache

This part of the tutorial will show you an easy way to cook the ganache and to stabilize it before use.

5Cream making

The  pastry chef will show you how to make a delicate cream with chocolate ganache and coconut.


How to make the creamy soaking for biscuit cakes quickly. The soaking is an important piece of cake!

7Assembling the cake

You will see the technique of cutting a biscuit into cakes with a knife, as well as the order of assembling all parts of the cake.

8Rough cake alignment

Learn the rules that are important to follow during the initial alignment, and what it is for.

9Fine cake leveling

Irina shows the correct technique for leveling the cake with cream cheese, and shares the simple intricacies of creating a perfectly even layer.

10Cake decoration

Get a simple option for decorating a cake, as well as the ability to see what the cut of the cake will be!

From time to time, the confectioners face the question of how to choose a good recipe for a new cake. Sometimes the quantity and the list of ingredients looks scary, and the dessert doesn't work even if the recipe is followed closely.

To let you make this dessert on the first try, Irina Sokolova has prepared a detailed video tutorial.

This delicate fragrant cake with chocolate & coconut flavor will conquer any sweet tooth!

The video tutorial is perfect even for novice pastry chefs: the tutor talks in detail not only about mixing the ingredients, but also about stabilizing the layers, preparing the tools and the final alignment. You will be able to learn some little tricks and subtleties of making a biscuit cake, which will be useful to you in the future.


  • how to cook delicate chocolate & coconut caramel;
  • the technique of preparing the rings for baking;
  • the secret of a moist and fluffy biscuit;
  • the milk chocolate ganache recipe;
  • what tools you need to align the cake perfectly.

Together with the masterclass, you will receive a detailed recipe that allows you to focus on the details of the lesson, rather than memorizing the number of ingredients!

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