Delicate Currants In Chocolate cake

Contents 26min
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Whats inside

📗 Step-by-step recipe for chocolate sponge biscuit

Learn what helps the biscuit stay moist and not to crumble.

👨‍🏫 Clear and available for the beginners

The tutorial is suitable for the beginners in the pastry business

🔪 Knife sponge cutting technique

Watch the secret of cutting the sponge biscuit evenly, almost without crumbs.

🖌️ Minimal amount of dye

Learn how to paint the cake with a minimal amount of food coloring.

📁 Stationery folders as a confectionery tool

Learn how to use stationery folders for when cooking.

What's in the class

1Cooking of chocolate biscuit

What nuances should you pay attention to so that the biscuit turns out to be magnificent.

2Making blackcurrant mousse

Irina will share a recipe for a delicate currant mousse with creamy notes. How to stabilize the mousse before assembling the cake.

3Making of cream cheese frosting

You will learn how to make the cream cheese for the cake rims. You can also use this cream for cupcake caps and cake toppings.

4Making of blackcurrant cream

In this part, the tutor will show you a simple recipe for making rich currant cream.


How to make a creamy soaking for biscuit cakes. No complicated ingredients or long waiting times!

6Cake assembly

You will see the technique of cutting a biscuit into layers with a knife and the order of assembling all the parts of the cake.

7Rough cake alignment

The rules that are important to follow during the initial alignment, and what it is for.

8Fine leveling of the cake

Irina shows the correct technique for leveling the cake with cream cheese, and shares the simple intricacies of creating a perfectly even layer.

9Cake coloring and decor

How to color the whole cake with a minimum amount of cream and dye. In this section, you'll see a simple, cute way to decorate a cake.

How often do you make berry cakes? The flavor combination of currant and chocolate is one of the most advantageous, but not everyone knows how best to combine it. In this tutorial, you will find a delicious and proven recipe!

Together with Irina Sokolova, you will learn how to make a currant cake covered with chocolate.

You will analyze the step-by-step process of making chocolate biscuit, delicate currant mousse and cream with the addition of currant puree.


  • what helps the biscuit stay moist and not to crumble;
  • how to choose the rings for filling and biscuit;
  • a three-components cream cheese recipe;
  • how to use stationery folders for when cooking;
  • why does the cake have to be aligned in two steps?

The tutorial is suitable for the beginners in the pastry business. The chef shows everything in detail, and dwells on the difficult moments of cooking. You don't need to think about the amount of ingredients, because you will receive a detailed recipe.

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