Perfect eclairs at home

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Whats inside

🔥 Perfect choux pastry

Knead the perfect homogeneous dough for eclairs.

✨ Raspberry Diplomat

Cook the raspberry Diplomat custard properly.

✔️ Proper glazing

Glaze the eclairs to avoid streaks at the edges.

🤫 Baking secrets

Learn how to achieve a "ruddy" color when baking, and to stabilize the dough so it won't tear when baked.

👍 Stuffing eclairs

Make sure all the eclairs are filled completely and have no gaps inside.

What's in the class

1Making of the choux pastry

Anna will share the intricacies of kneading the dough for the eclairs and the rules of its stabilization.

2Dissolving and baking eclairs. Method 1

Which tool can be used for depositing, how to prepare eclairs for baking.

3Dipping and baking eclairs. Method 2

In this method, the dough is frozen before baking, and the teacher will tell you how to achieve airy eclairs.

4Making of raspberry Diplomat custard

You will learn how to mcook a delicate custard with a rich raspberry flavor.

5Making of raspberry coulis

A simple recipe with no unnecessary ingredients and a chance to watch how it's made.

6Cooking of vanilla Namelaka

How to be sure you get the right consistency for vanilla cream, and what to remember when whipping it with a blender.

7Cooking chocolate cream with Tonka beans

Anna tells you which ingredient improves the cream plasticity and the sequence of mixing the ingredients.

8Making of vanilla cream

In this part of the lesson, you'll be able to watch the process of getting the frosting to the right consistency.

9Making of chocolate cream

What is the difference and if there is a difference between making chocolate icing and vanilla icing apart from the ingredients.

10Stuffing the eclairs with the filling

How to prepare the cream before filling and a tiphack from Anna on how to make sure all the eclairs are filled completely.

11Covering the eclairs with the glaze

Glazing the eclair; a recipe for the raspberry eclairs glaze.

Dreaming of making the perfect fluffy eclairs, but failing? They deflate, burst when baking? The filling is too liquid, and overall it's not as easy as you'd like it to be?

In this video lesson, Anna will share with you the recipes and techniques for making three types of eclairs at once: chocolate, vanilla and raspberry!

You will find a rich lesson with lots of tips, recipes and visual instructions from the teacher.


  • knead the perfect homogeneous dough for eclairs;
  • achieve a "ruddy" color when baking;
  • cook the raspberry Diplomat custard;
  • fill the eclairs in two ways;
  • glaze eclairs to avoid streaks at the edges.

During the lesson, Anna will answer many popular questions: How to stabilize the dough so it won't tear when baked. What methods of depositing and baking eclairs exist and much more.

You'll also get a detailed technical card with the following pastry chef's recipes:

  • Choux Pastry;
  • Chocolate & Tonka Beans Eclairs;
  • Raspberry Eclairs;
  • Vanilla Eclairs.

If you've been putting off this type of dessert until now, you'll have no excuses after this lesson. You'll figure out all the nuances with the teacher, so don't be afraid and start watching!

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