Plum & blueberry marshmallows

Contents 14min
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Whats inside

🌎 Universal recipe

This marshmallow recipe is suitable for fruits with pulp (apples, pears, plums, apricots), as well as a recipe for blueberry marshmallows without boiling.

🍀 Gluten free

Absolutely no gluten in the dessert!

👍 No useless information

The instructions are clear, understandable and systematized.

🎁 Working with agar

You will be able to learn the intricacies of working with agar.

🤫 Storage secrets

The pastry chef will explain how to store the finished marshmallow properly.

What's in the class

1Plum marshmallow. Making of plum puree

You will learn the marshmallow puree making technique, which works for almost all the pulpy fruits.

2Plum marshmallow. Whipping the marshmallow mass

Anna will show and tell you what mass consistency you have to get so that you don't have any problems when cooking.

3Plum marshmallow. Piping marshmallows

Marshmallow mass piping also requires certain knowledge, and you'll get it in thanks to this tutorial.

4Blueberry marshmallow. Making of blueberry syrup

You will learn the intricacies of working with berries and cooking the syrup without boiling.

5Blueberry marshmallow. Whipping the marshmallow mass

You'll learn how to mix the ingredients correctly so that the syrup spreads evenly in the marshmallow mass.

6Blueberry marshmallow. Piping marshmallows

The tutor shows one of the options for piping marshmallows, which makes the dessert turn out smooth and beautiful.

7Assembling marshmallows

You'll know how not to overdo with sprinkling, and what to do if the marshmallow sticks to your hands.

Making marshmallows for many beginners becomes a rather difficult task. If certain subtleties are not observed, cooking turns into a series of difficulties - the marshmallow mass is not dense enough or crystallizes quickly, the sugar crunches on the teeth, or the dessert has a very tough, dense crust.

In Anna Felikova's new tutorial, you will learn how to cook delicious marshmallows in several ways at once!

The chef will show and tell you how the two types of marshmallows differ in cooking, and for which fruits and berries they are suitable.

Thanks to this video lesson, you will receive detailed instructions for making the classic version of marshmallow, which is suitable for fruits with pulp (apples, pears, plums, apricots), as well as a recipe for blueberry marshmallows without boiling.


  • two techniques for making marshmallows from fruits and berries;
  • the intricacies of working with agar;
  • a way to cook a syrup suitable for most berries;
  • how to store marshmallows so that it doesn't dry out;
  • secrets for better marshmallow stabilization.

The advantage of this video tutorial is its simplicity and the absence of useless information. The chef shows in detail each stage of cooking and explains why this or that step is necessary.

Yon't won't have time to get tired, and you'll get pleasure and inspiration for new culinary experiments!

The marshmallow is a very tasty and popular delicacy, which is perfect for any candy bar. After watching this tutorial, you will be able to cook several types of marshmallows at once. You'll get useful pieces of advice, which will help you to avoid problems and make the process of creating marshmallows quite simple.

Feel free to experiment with flavors, and enjoy our new recipes!

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