"Strawberry Mojito" cake

Contents 26min
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Whats inside

☘️ Mint mousse with spinach

Find out why you need the spinach in the mint mousse.

🌊 Chocolate drips

Learn some tricks on how to make the perfect chocolate drips.

🎈 How to remove the mousse from the mold quickly

Learn how to get the marmalade and mousse out of the mold quickly.

😉 Leveling the cake with cream cheese frosting

Watch the technique of leveling the cake with  cream cheese frosting.

🍓 Strawberry & mint marmalade

Get the recipe for a strawberry & mint marmalade filling.

What's in the class

1Making of a sponge biscuit

What is the secret of making a fluffy sponge biscuit and how to prepare a baking dish for the biscuit.

2Making of a strawberry marmalade

Irina will talk about a simple recipe for making marmalade and the rules for stabilizing this layer before assembling.

3Cooking of the "Mint Mojito" interlayer

Why you might need spinach, how to make the mint milk, and what is the secret of making a chocolate & mint mousse.

4Making of cream and cream cheese

You'll get the recipe for the butter-based cream cheese for the filling and the method of making the cream cheese from three ingredients.


Irina shares a recipe for making a soaking with cream, and tells you what else you can use for the purpose.

6Cake assembly

Increasing the height of the cake. How to assemble a cake so that the ganache cream doesn't squeeze out under the weight of the filling and the top layers of the biscuit.

7Rough cake alignment

The tutor will tell you why it is worth holding the cake in the fridge right before leveling, and why it is so important to apply the cream cheese in exactly two approaches.

8Fine cake leveling

In this part, you will be able to learn all the intricacies of leveling a cake with a spatula. Irina will show the process of applying the cream and leveling the cake in great detail.

9Making the chocolate drips

Learn the easiest chocolate glaze recipe and the simplest way to figure out what consistency is perfect for the drips.

You can find hundreds and thousands of cake recipes on the Internet, but how can you understand that the cake will definitely work out? What if the biscuit layered desserts get too dry, and the fillings don't fit together?

Irina Sokolova shares only proven biscuit cake recipes in her tutorials! This time, she will help you make a "Strawberry Mojito" cake with an amazing combination of strawberry marmalade and chocolate & mint mousse.

Together with the video tutorial, you will receive a detailed recipe. So you can not only see the process and the correct technique for making each layer, but also be sure how many ingredients you need for this.


  • the recipe for a strawberry & mint marmalade filling;
  • why you need the spinach in the mint mousse;
  • how to get the marmalade and mousse out of the mold quickly;
  • the technique of leveling the cake with  cream cheese frosting;
  • how to make the chocolate drips.

Nothing extra, only the most important points and tricks from a professional pastry chef! Even if this is your first sponge cake, you will have all the instructions you need to make it great!

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