Sugar bouquet with a Classic Rose

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Whats inside

💐 The most requested set of flowers

Classic rose, lisianthus, hellebore, sorrel, hydrangea... These flowers are perfect for a classic wedding cake.

🖌️ Varnishing technique

You'll see how to cover the fondant elements with confectionery varnish, and will learn how to add the glossiness to your composition if you have no varnish.

🍃 Natural look

Find out some secrets to make the flowers and greenery look super realistic.

🥀 Wilted effect

Watch how to make your rose petals look a bit wilted. It will make the bouquet super exquisite.

🎨 Coloring skills

Watch how to paint the elements with pollen, gel and dry dyes.

What's in the class


Delicate eustoma (lisianthus) is known to many as one of the most delicate and popular flowers in modern bouquets. In this ltutorial, you will have the opportunity to make it with your own hands. It will be soft burgundy and as realistic as possible. You don't even need any fancy tools. Let's start!


Hellebore is not a very common flower, but it is very convenient for complementing flower compositions. Its bright burgundy color and simple shape allow it to be used in bouquets of different styles. It's easy to make, but looks great. Add bright accents to your bouquet with hellebore!

3Elaeagnus Limelight branch

You must have seen this sprig of greenery often. Its original coloring cannot be ignored. Be sure to learn how to make this branch - it will often help you out in flower compositions. It adds volume and color, and refreshes any bouquet.


Sorrel is not only edible, but also beautiful. These leaves are definitely worth a look. They are heart shaped and come in a variety of colors. They are made very simply, look stylish, and make the bouquet voluminous and romantic.


Hydrangea has always been a flower for royalty and wealthy aristocracy. The more interesting it will be to add it to this flower arrangement. In this tutorial you will see a quick way to make individual small hydrangea florets. Hurry up to start watching!

6Classic Rose

The rose is definitely the most commonly used flower for decorating cakes. Some use real flowers, but we will teach you how to make an edible sugar rose. Dense layered bud, open petals and wilted effect - that's what you will learn to make in this video. Rose leaves of several sizes and original lilac spots on the petals will make the main flower of our bouquet as naturalistic as possible.


Learn the basic principles of assembling a bouquet that will be relevant for any style and size. Watch how to create a volumnious composition that will look exquisite and rich at the same time.

This time Evgeniya Bocharova shares a series of 8 episodes on making an classic rose bouquet. It's a real godsend for cake decorators as the suggested color combination is the most requested for wedding cakes. 

Each of the flowers looks great separately, but together they make an amazing impression!


  • shade the flowers and greens, so that all the elements of the composition look realistic;
  • make petals of various shapes and sizes from fondant;
  • create sugar buds, stamens, petals, pestles and leaves;
  • add volume and completeness to a flower composition;
  • assemble a bouquet properly - not only sugar one, but also a live one.