Super Mario 3D Cake

Contents 01h 29min
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Whats inside

✂️ DIY stencil

Learn how to draw a stencil for the cake by yourself.

💡 Homemade substrate

See how to make your own substrate for an easy tall cake mount.

🎂 Tall cake

Find out how to shape and transform a cake for a vertical position.

🎨 Velor coating

Learn to prepare and apply chocolate velor.

🍫 Fastening a chocolate side

See how to create, paint and fasten a huge chocolate tall cake side.

What's in the class

1Cake shape design

In the first part of the lesson, you will see the process of drawing the shape of the cake using a ruler and a pencil. No complicated drawings or tools, just your idea.

2Cake assembly

Learn how to lay out the tape for the sides so that there are perfectly sharp corners. Find out 3 ways to make a sponge cake moist.

3Substrate making

You will learn how to make a tall cake substrate without metal structures. Detailed top film bonding process to create a smooth surface.

4Cutting and leveling the cake

Christina will tell you how to calculate the dimensions for cutting the cake, and show you the process of leveling the cake with cream.

5Cake transformation to vertical position

In this part, you will learn the secret of a simple design that will let a tall cake stand without complicated manipulations with metal rods.

6Tempering chocolate

Study the basic rules and techniques for tempering chocolate to decorate a cake.

7Transferring the pattern to chocolate

Christina will tell you what paints she uses, and show how to transfer the drawing. Adding small details for the completed drawing.

8Attaching a chocolate picture to a cake

Assembling the cake and the picture, Christina will show you how to color the rest of the cake.

9Covering the cake with velor

Laern tules for making of velor; what colors to mix and how to properly apply it on the cake.

10Mounting figurines on the cake

Christina will show you how to fix chocolate parts of different sizes on the finished cake.

Christina Dolnyk has prepared a tutorial on how to create a tall Super Mario cake.

You will understand the principles of working with a complex stencil, and learn how to align the cake in an easy way.

Christina will also tell you in detail how to design a cake shape.

In addition to the "technical" part of making a vertical cake, the teacher will share the basic rules for working with cocoa butter when coloring and a simple way to temper chocolate.


  • how to draw a stencil by yourself;
  • how to shape and transform a cake for a vertical position;
  • how to make a substrate from scratch for a simple mounting of a tall cake;
  • how to make a chocolate wall and fix it;
  • how to prepare and dye chocolate velor.

You not only see how to cook the perfect cake, but also understand what difficulties you may encounter while cooking, and how to overcome them. Together with an experienced teacher, creating a new masterpiece will bring pure pleasure!

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