Pastry chef Anna Felikova

Anna Felikova: pastry master classes

Teaches how to create perfect European desserts at home
Pastry master classes

Anna, like many, started baking on her maternity leave relatively recently. BUT!!! Only, like a few, she was able to achieve incredible success through hard work and painstaking study of the science of pastry making. Anna was helped in this by her belief that everyone can become a genius 🙋 through hard practice (10,000 hours rule).

Anna's classes are based on the principle of openness: to tell and show everything, to analyze mistakes, to explain the essence of the processes, to answer questions. The main thing she sees as a comfortable atmosphere at the master classes.

Anna has a large number of recipes and techniques honed to perfection, and she is happy to share with you her experience and help you understand the many subtleties of baking and creating confectionery products and decorations.