Pastry chef Evgehiya Bocharova

Evgehiya Bocharova: pastry master classes

Evgeniya is a master and teacher of sugar floristry. You will no longer be afraid to work with gumpaste and create flowers.
Pastry master classes

I'm Evgeniya Bocharova 👋 - a master and teacher of sugar floristry 💐.

I have traveled over 30 cities with my masterclasses. I had a month-long tour of the Far East of Russia ❄️.

I also conducted some courses in the near abroad 🌍.

Many certificates have been issued 📜.

Now I mostly teach the courses online 🔗.

I run marathons, arrange live broadcasts on Instagram. This is very convenient, because now I have reached an absolutely international level. My tutorials are being watched in the USA 🌎, Ukraine, Germany, Estonia, etc. and others.

If you are still afraid to get down to fondant and start creating sugar compositions 🌺, then I will become your guide to the world of sugar art 👩‍🏫.

After all, the girls often respond like this about my lessons 💬: "Evgeniya, you explain everything so clearly 🥀", "Everything is very clear and simple 🌻, thank you", "As always, everything is very detailed, 😊 thank you".

So I invite you to my courses! 📽️💚

I wish you creative success! 🌼