Pastry chef Irina Sokolova

Irina Sokolova: pastry master classes

The pastry chef will show and explain the main techniques of cooking and decorating popular cakes. Irina shares her confectionery secrets to help you please your customers with extremely delicious desserts!
Pastry master classes

Hello everybody! 🙋‍♀️ My name is Irina Sokolova! 👩‍🍳 I have been fond of confectionery since childhood! 🧁🍩🥧

A few years ago I got addicted to custom-made cakes! 😍🍰 I actively participated in different trainings 📝, visited masterclasses from famous pastry chefs. 💡📕 And since 2017, I have been teaching the beginners by myself, presenting my online and offline masterclasses! 🎬👩🏼‍🏫🎂