Pastry chef Christina

Christina: pastry master classes

Christina is a constantly evolving home pastry chef.
Pastry master classes

Christina is a pastry chef 👩‍🍳 who can cook anything: from macarons to cakes and cupcakes 🧁. She is constantly developing and improving her recipes 🏆.

Beautiful, bright and delicious desserts 🍰 from a home pastry chef who loves to bring joy to others.

"Hello everyone! My name is Christina. 👩 I am a self-employed pastry chef. I am in love with my work, so I use only high-quality and fresh products 🥛🍓🥚.

My pastry journey began with a cake for my daughter's birthday 🎂, which pleased everyone. And I went on, went through the training. Until now, I am constantly developing in the confectionery direction 👩‍🏫. I want to share my experience with others 🌎."