Pastry chef Yuliya Yarovaya

Yuliya Yarovaya: pastry master classes

Yuliya is a vegetarian who teaches her own recipes from scratch! Come to Yuliya for new creativity!
Pastry master classes

Meet Yulia Yarovaya! 👩‍🍳

In 2015, Yulia tried macarons ❤️ for the first time, and decided to learn how to make and sell them 👩‍💼. At that time no one did this in her place. That's how her confectionery path began 🏁.

In 2018, Yulia starts teaching, and conducts masterclasses on her own 👩‍🏫.

Now take a look at Julia's track record and long learning curve:

  • She took 7 master classes at the VIP-masters school 🔥, two of which were long-term with such chefs as Karim Bourgi and Nina Tarasova (practice).
  • In 2018, she was a course assistant for Frank Haasnut.
  • The chef ompleted an internship at the confectionery production of the VIP-masters school ✨.
  • She attended a course on chocolate decor with Polina Kosheleva.
  • Yuliya at the Confectionary School 💝.
  • She studied with Ekaterina Klimcheva on painting chocolate cards 🍫.
  • She studied in the original and introduced in her city the "fruit" cakes from the book of the incredible Cedric Grolet 🥝.
  • She was trained in waffle peonies by Maria Bondareva 🌸.
  • She studied in Barcelona at the school with Jordi Bordas using the B-Concept method, after which Yuliya can create her own desserts from scratch 🍮!

At this point, everything is still higher! 🏆

And yet, Julia is a vegetarian 🍀. She creates her own author's desserts for the same people with food restrictions, allergies to gluten 🏥, lactose, the pastries without sugar or with a reduced content.

Visit Yuliya on the social media 🌐, and get to know her work closer!