Low sugar French meringue macarons

Contents 17min
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Whats inside

😀 Low sugar content

You will cook French meringue macarons without cavities inside and with low sugar content.

😋 Several whipped ganache recipes

You will have several recipes to try: Whipped white chocolate ganache, Raspberry confit Whipped berry ganache and more.

😎 Avoiding popular mistakes

No more shapeless macarons, no more cracks and no more mass spreading all around. Christina will show how to avoid all the basic problems.

🥳 Suitable for any oven

The method used in the master class is applicable for any type of kitchen. Your macarons will be perfect.

What's in the class

1Part 1. Macarons. Ingredients

You will find out the perfect recipe, so that you no longer have to search for it on thousands of websites.

2Part 1. Macarons. Combining the dry ingredients

Why you need to mix the dry ingredients first, and how much base is obtained.

3Part 1. Macarons. Whipping and coloring the meringue

Christina will show you the cooking techniques you need to create the perfectly stable meringue.

4Part 1. Macarons. Kneading the mass for macarons

How to track the correct moment when kneading, so that the mass keeps its shape when baking.

5Part 1. Macarons. Piping of macarons

Learn to pipe the macaron mass using the correct technology.

6Part 2. The filling. Making of the whipped white chocolate ganache

Learning to track the required consistency of ganache for macarons.

7Part 2. The filling. Cooking of raspberry confit

Confit recipe and analysis of possible mistakes from Christina.

8Stuffing the macarons

The teacher will show you in what sequence and in what quantity the filling should be added, and will also advise what is necessary for the final stabilization of the cakes.

Macarons is a rather capricious dessert, and those who are just learning how to cook them face many pitfalls. The mass can spread out during baking without retaining its shape, or it can simply crack in half. The macarons are often hollow on the inside, and the cream is too fluid.

There can be various reasons behind each problem, but to avoid them all, you can just watch this masterclass from Christina. Her macarons turn out to be very beautiful, smooth and airy, and she is ready to teach you how to cook it, too!


  • cook French meringue macarons without cavities inside;
  • make the macarons with low sugar content;
  • bake fluffy macarons in any oven;
  • make the cream and jam of the correct consistency.

You will learn all the nuances when working with delicate pastries, and will be able to consider in detail all the stages of their making in two parts of the masterclass. The tutor will teach you some cooking tricks, and will tell you what mistakes they can help to prevent.

Together with the masterclass, you will receive as a gift:

  1. Technological data with the recipe and recommendations from the pastry chef in pdf format
  2. The recipes for several types of fillings and cooking videos:
  • Whipped white chocolate ganache
  • Whipped milk chocolate ganache
  • Whipped berry ganache
  • Raspberry confit
  • Pistachio ganache