Unicorn cake pops

Contents 09min
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Whats inside

✅ Stable meringue recipe

Get a method for making stable meringue.

🏆 Edible gold powder

Watch how to work with edible gold powder to decorate the cake pops.

🖼️ Applying the drawing to the glaze

You will learn one of the possible ways to decorate the glaze.

🎂 Glazing technique

Watch the technique of glazing the popsicles.

😉 Fondant and gumpaste

Learn how to create gumpaste (fondant) decor for unicorns.

What's in the class

1Making of a sponge biscuit

The tutor will share a recipe for a delicate sponge biscuit for cake pops.

2Cream making

You will learn how to make a cream that pairs perfectly with the biscuit.

3Shaping of cake pops

Learn the secrets of shaping even cake pops in popsicle molds.

4Making of gumpaste decor

Christina will show you how to decorate the unicorns quickly and easily.

5Glaze making

You will learn the recipe and method for tempering the glaze to cover the dessert.

6Glazing of cake pops, fixing the decor

In this part, the chef will teach you how to fix the decor on the cake pops, and will tell you what to remember when glazing.

7Drawing the faces of unicorns

Learn what paint to use, and whether it is necessary to prepare the cake pops before coloring.

Cake pops are cute desserts that both adults and kids love. Easy to make, however, it requires certain skills and knowledge. Which cream will set the best, what should you pay attention to when making the mass of the desired consistency?

In this masterclass, Christina will teach you how to make cute and delicious Unicorn cake pops.

You will learn the technique of shaping popsicles and one of the possible ways to decorate them.

The big advantage of this tutorial is its simplicity and the absence of useless information, which lets you cook delicious cakes even without experience with cake pops!


  • the biscuit recipe for cake pops;
  • a method for making stable meringue;
  • how to create gumpaste (fondant) decor for unicorns;
  • how to work with edible gold powder;
  • how to apply a drawing to cake pops.

In order to learn how to make delicious cake pops you just need to start browsing. Don't delay, and get started now!