Spicy orange marmalade on agar

Contents 12min
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Whats inside

🧘 Low sugar content

Еhis marmalade will help you stay fit.

📚 Several recipes at once

You will find 6 recipes for different typer of marmalade.

😊 Marmalade on agar

This workshop contains everything you need to know about the perfect agar marmalade.

🌿 Vegan marmalade

No animal products in the composition.

🎅 Christmas dessert

The taste of this orange marmalade reminds of winter and Christmas.

What's in the class


Elena will talk about how the agar marmalade differs from the pectin marmalade. The pastry chef will show the ingredients and molds that you need to create a dessert.

2Juice and agar

You will find out why you need to soak the agar in juice, and what proportions you need to observe in order to achieve the perfect result.

3Making of the mixture

The tutor will demonstrate the steps for creating a base mass for marmalade, paying attention to the peculiarities of adding spices and how to check the readiness of a dessert without a thermometer.


You will see several ways to shape the jujube.


Elena will tell you how long it takes for the agar marmalade to achieve the perfect texture.


You will see how easy this marmalade is to cut.

7Description of the features

Elena summarizes and talks about the ways complement the dessert, change the ingredients and regulate the sweetness of the marmalade.

We'd like to share a video tutorial on making low sugar marmalade. It doesn't require long boiling! New tastes, new textures!

Elena Chuprina knows the secrets of creating the perfect marmalade with spices, which turn the cooking process into a real holiday. If you associate marmalade only with a sticky naughty mass and hundreds of attempts to achieve the correct texture, then this masterclass is what you need!

In this masterclass, Elena shows how to make the marmalade, which:

  • doesn't flow or stick together;
  • stabilizes quickly;
  • is perfectly springy and doesn't stick to the knife when cutting;
  • retains the pleasant taste of fresh orange without unnecessary sweetness.

You will learn all the intricacies of creating this dessert, learn about the tools and ingredients required for cooking. As a result, you will receive a basic recipe that can be changed and supplemented to your taste.


  1. Pumpkin & orange marmalade with cinnamon
  2. Allpe & kiwi marmalade
  3. Spicy orange & grapefruit marmalade
  4. Lemon & strawberry marmalade with badian
  5. Plum, blackcurrant & lemon marmalade with cinnamon and cardamom
  6. Carrot & lime marmalade

This workshop contains everything you need to know about the perfect agar marmalade. After watching theis tutorial, you will not only discover a lot of useful information, but also learn how to create a delicious orange dessert for your customers and loved ones!

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