Pastry chef Christina Dolnyk

Christina Dolnyk: pastry master classes

Christina believes: nothing comes at once. It all comes with experience. The main thing is to try to make every next cake better.
Pastry master classes

Christina Dolnyk is a pastry chef with a background in economy 💰, who can teach you how to create amazingly realistic desserts! 💥 Christina felt her passion for cakes in 2016, and says she studied while sitting at home in the kitchen 🍰. Her example is really inspiring, showing that you can achieve a high level in the business that you love, if you just want to 🥇!

Christina uses a variety of materials in her masterpieces: chocolate, fondant, wafer paper. They all give the finished desserts many unusual shapes. 🎨 The basis of the masterpieces is about 20 different recipes for mousse, biscuit and other cakes. As a pastry chef, she is not afraid of experiments and is constantly trying new decorations and shapes 🎭!

On her instagram, Christina uploads a lot of works and shares with her subscribers the moments of their creation 📽️. She makes custom-made cupcakes, trifles, profiteroles, chocolates and much more. 🧁🍬🎂 But she is famous for her unbelievable cakes of all the possible shapes and sizes! 🔥 One gets the feeling that she can give desserts absolutely any shape from the golden Cinderella's carriage 👠 to the azure coast of Bora bora. 🏝️