1 tbsp
16 g
0.56 oz
0.53 fl oz
0.50 cup
130 g
4.55 oz
4.29 fl oz
powdered sugar
0.75 cup
200 g
7 oz
6.60 fl oz
vanilla sugar
0.50 tbsp
8 g
0.28 oz
0.26 fl oz
2 Tbs
1 cup
250 g
8.75 oz
8.25 fl oz
cream 33%+
0.50 cup
150 g
5.25 oz
4.95 fl oz
powdered sugar
0.25 cup
80 g
2.80 oz
2.64 fl oz
1 Tbs




  • Albumin 16g | 0.55 oz
  • Water 130g | 4.60 oz
  • Powdered sugar 200g | 7.05 oz
  • Vanilla sugar 8g | 0.30 oz
  • Cocoa 2 tbsp | 2.00 tbsp



  1. Add a little water to the albumin, and mix.
  2. Pour in the remaining water; stir until it is completely dissolved. Leave the mixture for 10 minutes.
  3. Pour in the albumin mix into a bowl, and start whipping at a medium speed until fluffy bubbles.
  4. From now on, add the powdered sugar in a spoon. Add one spoon every 5 seconds, and increase the speed to maximum! Go on until all the powdered sugar ends.
  5. Whip the meringue until dense peaks. The mass should be elastic and shiny.
  6. Add the cocoa, and use a spatula to knead the mass from the bottom to the top. Don’t stir for too long!
  7. Next, place the parchment on a baking sheet, and grease it with some vegetable oil (olive/sunflower); spread a thick meringue layer around the entire perimeter.
  8. Bake it in the oven, preheated to 160C (320F) for 12 to 13 minutes. Then turn off the oven, and keep the baking sheet there for another 5 minutes. (Don’t open the door!)
  9. Take the baking sheet out of the oven. Take another piece of parchment. Cover the top of the meringue with it, and turn the meringue over. Remove the parchment from the upside down side, and let the cake cool completely.



  • Mascarpone 250g | 8.80 oz
  • Cream 33%+ 150g | 5.30 oz
  • Powdered sugar 80g | 2.80 oz
  • Cocoa 1 tbsp | 1.00 tbsp



  1. Whisk the cream and the powdered sugar until medium peaks.
  2. 2.Add the mascarpone and whip until thick.
  3. Spread the meringue with the custard. Be careful, do not press too hard!
  4. Spread the nuts at your discretion.
  5. Gently roll the meringue into a roll. Transfer the roll to a dish, then decorate it and refrigerate for an hour.

Bon Appetit!