1 cup
250 ml
8.25 fl oz
rice flour
0.50 cup
120 g
4.20 oz
3.96 fl oz
2 pc
olive oil
0.75 tbsp
10 g
0.35 oz
0.33 fl oz
sugar substitute
0.25 tbsp
4 g
0.14 oz
0.13 fl oz
green barley powder
2 tsp
9.84 ml
1 cup
250 g
8.75 oz
8.25 fl oz
soft curd 5%
0.75 cup
170 g
5.95 oz
5.61 fl oz
sugar substitute
0.25 tbsp
4 g
0.14 oz
0.13 fl oz
fresh strawberries
to taste


Here we have a very simple cake that will help to cheer you up at any time of the year! Green pancakes with an unusual taste and a strawberry curd layer with fresh strawberry pieces… It’s a perfect sugar-free cake for everyone who wants to keep fit!


For the dough:

  • 250 ml milk | 8.50 fl oz
  • 120 g rice flour | 4.25 oz
  • 2 eggs
  • 10 g olive oil | 0.35 oz
  • 4 g sugar substitude | 0.15 oz
  • 2 tsp green barley powder

For the filling:

  • 250 g ricotta | 8.80 oz
  • 170 g soft cottage cheese 5% | 6.00 oz
  • 4 g sugar substitute | 0.15 oz
  • fresh strawberries to taste


If you want the pancake to be absolutely equal, then you better use a metal ring (in the pictures, the diameter is 14 cm | 5.5 inch).

  1. Whisk the ingredients for the dough with a mixer and bake the pancakes on both sides.
  2. Smear the ring with butter (or with vegetable oil). Preheat a skillet. Also smear it with a little butter (or with a little vegetable oil). Place the ring in the skillet and pour the dough into the center. The more dough you place, the thicker the pancakes will be. Use a knife to carefully separate the pancake if they stick.
  3. Whip the ingredients for the custard. Better do this with a hand blender. Smear the pancakes evenly with the custard. Add strawberries to some layers.

The cake is done!

Bon Appetit!