Applesauce (apple puree)

This time we would like to show you how to cook applesauce for desserts in advance. Here are some useful pieces of advice on cooking the applesauce. We will tell you how to cook it correctly, quickly and tasty. It always seems that if you already know something, then everyone should understand it quickly. But that’s not that simple.
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Applesauce (apple puree)



Here are some instructions on how to cook it quickly and correctly, without boiling:

  • First, you better choose homemade apples; for the marshmallow puree, choose the apples that are sour and contain more pectin.
  • Peel the apples completely (although many chefs leave the peel, since there is a lot of pectin in it, but it is more convenient for me without it), and bake it in the oven at 180C (356F) for 20 to 30 minutes, or in the microwave at the highest power (about 10-12 minutes) until soft.
  • Now you just need to mash the apples with a blender until smooth, or rub it through a sieve. The extra-thick and tasty puree is ready.
  • For the extraordinary flavor, you can add spices to the puree: cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, etc.
  • Let the puree cool down, and pack it in sachets for freezing; and be sure to sign the weight and the date for future convenience.

Useful information

Next, read some useful information on purees:

  • To make a very delicate filling for cakes and pastries, add the condensed milk to the hot applesauce, and boil; use immediately without storage or roll up in jars and use later.
  • Don’t throw away the peel from the apples; it can be frozen, chopped and added to compotes, teas, muffins or biscuits (for flavoring).
  • You will get delicious natural homemade sweets if you add some gelatin to the puree.
  • For 250 g (8.80 oz) of puree you will need 15 g (0.55 oz) of gelatin, and whip with a mixer until a strong foam. Pour the mass in a mold, and let it harden. Cut it into cubes, and roll in the powdered sugar.
  • You can also make the so called “apple cheese”. To cook it, add some caraway seeds (1 tsp for 1 kg | 35.50 oz of puree) to thick applesauce, and stir; put the mass in a clean dense cloth, and put under oppression for three days.