Candy bar

Hello, everyone! Let's talk about Candy bar this time.
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Very few people know about the composition techniques that can and should be used in the candy bar decor and layout. As a result, one and the same table may seem more complete and solemn, or modest and half-empty.

In general, the basic compositional principles are applicable to any setting. The composition depends on how this or that performance will be "read".

  1. The first and the foremost: the candy bar has to be multilevel. It is not enough to put your entire chic candy bar on the themed plates and to expect the volume and extravaganza effect. Most likely, it will look a little flat table. Use the cake coasters (if available); if not, then lift the cake by placing it on a glass of decor fillings or even an empty one! Nowadays, any self-respecting pastry chef places the cakes on the dense substrates that don’t bend, and can be used without any additional base! The cupcakes can always be placed on an inverted martini / wine / champagne glass, etc. use your imagination! Take a fresh look at your kitchen cabinets!
  2. The second element is the horizontal composition (how beautiful you will make the arrangement on the surface). You can stick to symmetry or not, but always make sure that the composition is balanced. We think there will be no problems with the symmetry. We will better tell you about the balance. If you place 4 cupcakes and 4 pops on the left, then, put some decor on the right, in the amount that is balanced in volume.
  3. Also, don’t forget about the composition “depth”. In addition to the middle of the table, try to use the front and the back surfaces.
  4. Decor! After all, a beautiful Candy bar is a table decorated in three dimensions! You have at least three surfaces: the front, the middle and the back one. Pay attention to each of them! We believe that you have thought about all sorts of thematic toppers, stickers, stylish garlands and other decor elements that can be found in tons on the Internet in advance. Arrange them nicely. Let all the toppers look in the same direction (of course, if chaos is not the candy bar theme). The tubes in the bottles should also stand the same way, and not to fall in different directions.
  5. Cover the table with a tablecloth, or you may use none, but then the table will have a neutral color and an interesting texture! You can also create one with a tablecloth. After all, it is not necessary to lay it straight! Create some beautiful directional folds on its surface. Pinch or hang some decor in the foreground! Any garland or small decors, that are hung rhythmically, will fill it perfectly.
  6. Well, to the background! It is usually loaded more heavily and raised above the rest of the decor. Large decor or a thematic banner will look good on it.