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white chocolate
0.50 cup
100 g
3.50 oz
3.30 fl oz
cream 33%
0.50 cup
120 g
4.20 oz
3.96 fl oz
leaf gelatin
2 pc
lime or lemongrass leaves
8 pc
lime zest
1 pc


Cooking instructions

  1. Soak the gelatin sheets in cold water and leave them for 10 minutes to bloom.
  2. Combine whipping cream, finely grated lime zest and lemongrass leaves together and pulse the mixture with a blender.
  3. Bring the cream and spicy ingredients mixture to a boil, then strain it without leaving it to infuse  add the bloomed gelatin.
  4. Pour the hot cream mixture onto the chocolate to get an emulsion, then cover it closely with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 3 hours.